Kathe Mickunas, owner and floral designer at Ione Floral Design began life in Iowa surrounded by art rather than cornfields.  Her mother was a portrait painter with an unstoppable optimism raising six children on an artist's income.  Her mantra was "Do what you love!"  She inspired us all to follow our passions.  Ione was mother's middle name.  It means Violet.  To honor her memory we named our studio after her.  

Upon graduation from art school, Kathe moved to Maine where she believed it was still possible to homestead.  It was actually true.  For five years she lived on the land while building a simple home in the middle of the woods in Blue Hill.  During this time she also started her first business as a professional gardener.  This led to garden design and eventually creating an organic flower farm  known as Passionflower Farm on the Maine coast.  Her love for art and design found it's true expression when she began crafting bouquets.  

Being among the flowers for nearly thirty years informs the way Mickunas intuits which flowers play well together.  She understands the transitory nature of flowers and loves them for this reason.  Capturing that moment when the blooms are so alive is a heady experience.  It's the challenge of living art and what makes flowers so captivating. 


Ione Floral Design is passionate about local and sustainable flowers.  From May to October every effort is made to select seasonal blooms from the ever increasing number of local flower farms.