About Kathleen Mickunas

Enchanted since her first childhood walk in her grandmother’s garden in Iowa, Kathleen became obsessed with flowers. Her early recollections include riding her bike to the local variety store and spending all her pennies on petunias for growing on her windowsill. Even now she’d choose flowers over most things.

Flowers captivate her on many levels. They conjure emotions with their fragrance, textures, colors & ability to evoke nostalgia for place and time. Speaking “Flower” is Kathleen’s preferred language, as it’s universally understood and speaks her heart most clearly.

From her flower studio on the Maine coast, she shares her deep passion for flowers & the natural world. Bringing her background in art, flower farming, garden & floral design together, she creates deeply personal, artistic & sustainable wedding & event flowers.

Scrumptious blooms are sourced from local flower farms. Interesting branches & textural elements are wild foraged in the woods and meadows. Her unabashed approach to flowers can best be described as painterly romantic garden style.

She collaborates with her clients to create meaningful floral design that expresses individual personality, style & location. Her services are available in Maine or any place where flowers grow!


Ione Floral Design’s Kathleen Mickunas, Owner/Floral Designer

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